The Karnavat Test Series is widely considered by students and the teaching community at large as a unique and powerful catalyst for strong performance in final exams.

The Karnavat Test Series is based on our firm belief that

  • Classroom coaching by itself does not guarantee good performance.
  • High marks require excellent presentation in the actual exam setting.
  • Learning, Revising & Reproducing is the time-tested way to success.
  • ‘Once written is thrice read.’
  • Hard Work needs to be converted to Smart Work.

How we do it

  • The Test Series is based on Research of the actual exam system of the Board / University.
  • We re-create the exam atmosphere in its entirety.
  • Well organized tests designed by Expert Paper Setters.
  • Weekly tests on Sundays – Live or Take Home: Live tests are conducted at various centres as per a pre-printed time table. In Take Home Tests students take home our papers to answer at home.
  • Model Answers to our Test papers.
  • Two Preliminary Exams as per Bar Code System for the entire syllabus, at the end of the year.
  • 24 x 7 Exam Helpline as the final exam approaches : Our teachers will counsel you academically, psychologically in person at our centres or over the phone.
  • Regular Progress reports to parents to enable them to support and encourage their children at home.
  • Test series Attendance and Performance sent to parents / students via Computerised SMS System.