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Our Exam Department


The Karnavat Test Series is widely considered by students and the teaching community at large as a unique and powerful catalyst for strong performance in final exams.

The Karnavat Test Series is based on our firm belief that

Classroom coaching by itself does not guarantee good performance

High marks require excellent presentation in the actual exam setting

Learning, Revising & Reproducing is the time-tested way to success

‘Once written is thrice read’

Hard Work needs to be converted to Smart Work

How we do it

The Test Series is based on Research of the actual exam system of the Board / University

We re-create the exam atmosphere in its entirety

Well organized tests designed by Expert Paper Setters

Weekly tests on Sundays – Live or Take Home: Live tests are conducted at various centres as per a pre-printed time table. In Take Home Tests students take home our papers to answer at home

Model Answers to our Test papers

Two Preliminary Exams as per Bar Code System for the entire syllabus, at the end of the year

24 x 7 Exam Helpline as the final exam approaches : Our teachers will counsel you academically, psychologically in person at our centres or over the phone

Regular Progress reports to parents to enable them to support and encourage their children at home

Test series Attendance and Performance sent to parents / students via Computerised SMS System.