Our FAQ's

Which are the courses that you conduct ?

We conduct a lot of courses, 40 of them. To know more click on Courses We Offer

Which locations in Mumbai do you have centres in ?

To know more about our branches click on Our Branches

Do you have classes on Sundays ?

Generally we have examinations on Sunday. Also, the classes for optional subjects like languages, IT etc. are conducted on Sundays.

Do you have classes during vacations ?

Yes. We have classes during all vacations. We gainfully utilise students free time which is available during vacations.

Do you have special vacation batches ?

Instead of Special vacation batches we have some of our batches starting in the month of April itself, In these batches, the portion is completed earlier, thereby students get more time for their final exam preparation.

What is the frequency of your tests ?

We conduct weekly tests starting from July for 12th & T.Y.B.Com. Classes.

Do you hold periodic examinations as well ?

For 12th & T.Y.B.Com, there are weekly examinations & for other standards there are periodic examinations.

What happens if I score less marks ?

If the student scores less marks in our internal examination, then we provide extra coaching / counseling to such students.

Is there extra coaching for meritorious students ?

Yes. We have intensive coaching at no extra cost for meritorious students.

Do you send progress reports to parents ?

Yes. We send progress reports to parents. We also hold parent meetings.

What if I have doubts about any subject ?

All our professors go out of their way to attend your doubts and resolve the doubts.

Do I have to pay fees all at once ?

No. We have attractive schemes which will suit needs of every parent. We welcome payment of fees as lumpsum for which we give you special discount. You can pay the fees in easy installments also.

Do you have any special offers or schemes ?

Yes Of-course we do. To know more about click on

To know more about our branches click on Special Schemes

Does senior faculty teach only at large centres ?

No. We have very senior professors who visit all locations as per needs of the syllabus.

Can I transfer myself from one centre to another ?

Yes. We allow such transfers for genuine justifications.

Do you group students on the basis of marks or is the grouping on random basis ?

We have mixture of batches of different types. We have special batches for meritorious students based on their percentage of marks also.

Is there a way I can give feedback about our Professors ?

We have formal periodical feedback system about our Professors.

Do you organize social activities for students ?

Yes. We organize Events like Picnic / Annual Social / Prize Distribution etc. Please visit the photographs which are given on our website.